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Join Misty as she searches for an answer to the burning question... am I human?

The scientists on Mest had tens of thousands of years of experience to draw on when they decided to create a warrior that could stand against the aliens. But how did they do it? And what was their long-range plan?

Watch for the 5th book in the DARK DAYS - 2068 series, coming early in 2024. It promises to be an adventure that reaches across the galaxy, and a tale that will answer Misty's question. The answer may shock you. In the meantime, head over to Amazon and pick up THE ALIEN PATHOGEN, just released. Enjoy!

Dazzle Shelton - Alien Invasion Series

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Invasion Earth

In the origin story of this high-voltage alien invasion series, humans are forced to flee to three planets after being attacked 20,000 years ago. But the aliens ultimately catch up to them on Earth in 2021. However, hope emerges in the form of a human, weaponized with alien DNA seeking revenge for her planet's destruction.

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Sleeper Cells

Set in Nevada in 2039, teenage superhero Dazzle Shelton and her Girl Army confront sleeper cells of giant insectoids left behind by the defeated alien invaders who are now rising up to consume humans. With the assistance of the CIA and her three close friends, Dazzle must once again save humanity from the alien threat.

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Clones Attack

Aliens return, and teenage superhero Dazzle Shelton must again protect humanity as the aliens begin to replace humans with clones. With new DNA enhancements that make her stronger, faster, and smarter, Dazzle is determined to save the world from the alien threat and is ready to tear them to shreds with her claws and fangs.

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Battle Across Time

In this novel, teenage superhero Dazzle Shelton travels back in time to Roswell in 1947 to prevent aliens from altering the course of history. With her enhanced DNA gene-splicing, which includes incredible strength, lightning-fast speed, amazing brain power, razor-sharp fangs, steel-like claws, and a short fuse, Dazzle is prepared to take on the alien threat and save the future.

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Galaxy at War

Our ancestors from the origin planet of Haven travel through time and space to find a weapon that will ensure the survival of the human race. Teenage superhero Dazzle Shelton realizes that history is changing before her very eyes and must embark on a one-way journey across the galaxy to the origin planet of the human race to save humanity, leaving her beloved Earth behind.

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Prey for the Aliens

In this thrilling page turner, the aliens have brought robots and are targeting Dazzle Shelton, believing she is both the key to their future and the weapon of their destruction. Dazzle and her girl squad are ready to face off against the alien invaders and defend Sunrise, Nevada from their gory and scary invasion.

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The Reptilian Conspiracy

As humanity faces the impending threat of the reptilian race lurking in the tunnels beneath Las Vegas, hope emerges in the form of Dazzle - a powerful meta-human with extraordinary abilities. Armed with her incredible strength and lightning-fast reflexes, Dazzle is the only one capable of standing up to the advanced technology and cunning intelligence of the reptilians.

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Life in the Past Lane

In 1962, an extraterrestrial serial killer is on the loose, camouflaged as a human, and preying on individuals along Historic Route 66. Dazzle ventures back in time to uncover the killer's true identity and eliminate the threat. However, time itself seems to be working against her, as altering the past could have unforeseen consequences.

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Like Lightning From Heaven

As alien warships invade Earth and the fate of the human race hangs in the balance, two young Raptor pilots named Misty and Rikkie find themselves falling in love amidst the chaos, forced to navigate their emotions while fighting to save their world. Will their love be enough to conquer the ruthless alien menace and secure a future for humanity?

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Half Human

As a meta-human with incredible abilities, Misty and her girlfriend Rikkie, members of the Vampire Squadron, must navigate their budding romance amidst the chaos of fighting off an alien invasion, all while working with the CIA to devise a daring plan to save the planet. "Half Human" is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that explores the power of love and acceptance in the face of danger.

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Killing Time

Coming soon...

The latest book in the exciting Alien Invasion Series. Set in the year 2068, and featuring Misty and Rikkie, get set for a time-travel adventure.

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Alien Invasion Series

The prequel, INVASION EARTH, and the next four ebooks in the series.  Get into the exciting sci-fi series and see what the CIA has been trying to sweep under the carpet for decades. The first book sets the stage, but the action really takes off in book two. That's when Dazzle takes center stage. And that's when all the fun begins. Sleepovers, boys, tequila, alien killing, time travel... and more.

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Alien Invasion Primer

TWO BOOKS IN ONE!  The prequel, INVASION EARTH, and the next ebook, SLEEPER CELLS.  Get into the exciting sci-fi series and see what the CIA has been trying to sweep under the carpet for decades. The first book sets the stage, but the action really takes off in book two. That's when Dazzle takes center stage. And that's when all the fun begins. Sleepovers, boys, tequila, alien killing, time travel... and more. 

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The Alien Pathogen

New Release...

Join Misty as she is the sole human who is immune to a virus that is sweeping around the world, killing every living creature. Her alien DNA guarantees she will not become infected, and it falls to her to find a way out of the deadly pandemic.

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Samples from

Half Human

Here are a few sample paragraphs from the newest book.

A few days before the funeral...

The teenager wiggled her hand free from her mother’s grasp, then sat up in the bed, her back against the headboard. “Do you remember what I told you? The last thing I said to her… to Misty?”

“Yes, you told me—”

“…‘I wish you were dead’. That’s what I told her. Those were my exact words. And I added ‘dead and buried’. And then she ran away. And died. Think about that.”

“You didn’t mean it dear.”

“I know. But I said it. And she heard it. And now I have to live with it. For the rest of my fucking life.”

Raptor pilots pay their respects...

On the stage, members of the various arms of the military stood at attention around the coffin. Everything was ready for the service to begin. As the MC was about to speak, five Raptor fighters flew low over the desert. They angled upward, and one Raptor left the formation and flew off to the west, spiraling several times, just as Misty often did.

“That’s how I remember her,” said Rikkie. “Kind of a rebel at times.”

T-backs attack in Nevada...

The aide came to Gen. Watson’s side. “Scramble Raptors to Area S4. ASAP.”

General Watson could hear mumbled voices from the Space Alien Tech Center.

“Sir,” said Colonel Pronger. “It’s confirmed an alien T-back. Less than two minutes from possible target. Is S4 operational, sir? Because I haven’t heard anything yet.”

“It’s a dark site, so no one really knows,” said Gen. Watson. “Except CIA Director Howard Jensen.”

“My God,” said Colonel Pronger.