Let's take a trip to Sunrise, Nevada

(map for your reference...)

Don't try to find Sunrise or my trailer, because it's all kind of covered up by you-know-who. That's right, the CIA. But you didn't hear it from me. And don't try to follow any online maps because they have been altered, also by you-know-who. My advice is to just look at the photos below and not actually search for the town or my residence. The map I posted here is just to give you an idea of where I live, which is right in the hotbed of UFO/UAP activity. That's why I have tons of info about the aliens, and I weave it into my novels. So sit back, pour yourself a shot, and get into the series. Let me do all the sneaky dangerous stuff, and you just relax.

Sunrise, Nevada

(aka Alien Central)

If you want to see the town and some of the people who live there, you came to the right place. If you try to find Sunrise in 'real life' ... good luck. Take lots of water.

Daz arrived in Sunrise in 2021

Here are some of the people in the novel Invasion Earth

Dazzle and her friends 2039

Here is the Girl Army and their boyfriends. Dazzle is the meta-human daughter of Daz and Ross. She is 17 in the year 2039.

In 2039 aliens are threatening

Howard Jensen is now the CIA Assistant Director. 

The alien lineup

Misty and the Raptor Pilots

This is now in the year 2068. Misty is the daughter of Dazzle and Brandon. She's a Meta-human. Age 16. Her girlfriend is Rikkie, who is Mischa's daughter.

1947 Roswell, New Mexico

This is when the saucer was shot down. Aylee is an exact clone of Mischa. Read the book... it all makes sense.

1962 along Route 66

Dazzle and Alice... and the red T-Bird. It involves a trip back in time.


Area 51, Creech Air Force Base, the Tunnel, Dulce, etc. Including Mesopotamia 20,000 years ago, where humans first landed from the origin planet of Haven.

Special thanks to Paul Winter on Pixabay for all the character faces above.

And this site is a work in progress so be patient... music is coming.

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